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Drive Less and Save More with MilesMyWay

MilesMyWay is American Family’s mileage-based program where you earn savings based on how many miles you do — or don’t — drive!

By driving less, you can earn savings of up to 25%* per month — meaning you’ll only pay what’s fair, based on actual mileage. It’s part of the many ways you can control what you pay for auto insurance with American Family! Plus, you’ll never pay more for driving more. MilesMyWay won’t raise your premium or charge penalties if you have higher-mileage months.

So go ahead and plan that cross-country summer trip. You’ll still have the same great coverage and budgeting stability you need, with the flexibility of an innovative, personalized insurance program that works for you.

If you drive less than 8,000 miles a year and you’re ready to start saving more on car insurance, MilesMyWay could be the perfect fit for you and your wallet.

MilesMyWay is a great savings option for you if:

  • You drive local — If your lifestyle doesn’t take you to far off places very often, you could earn plenty of great savings based on your everyday driving habits.
  • You have an extra car — Keeping an extra car in the garage and still paying full price? Enroll the infrequently used vehicle and start your low-mileage savings!
  • You regularly use public transportation — If you still have a car but make an effort to use public transit, your mileage may be low enough to rack up some valuable earned savings!
  • You work or learn remotely — Is the daily commute to work or school a thing of the past? Want awesome savings on your auto insurance? If you work or learn remotely, why not put money back in your pocket with usage-based insurance? MilesMyWay gives you valuable options!

How it Works

With MilesMyWay, your mileage is tracked automatically so you don’t have to worry about logging trips or keeping monthly records. Earning your savings is easy!



  1. Enroll in the program: First, enroll in the program by contacting your local American Family agent.
  2. Add Sensor to Your Car: Once enrolled we’ll send you a small sensor that goes inside your car — no plug-in required.
  3. Get the App & Activate Your Account: Download the free MyAmFamDrive app and register your account. The app will automatically track your mileage through the sensor.

That’s it — all that’s left is for you to watch your savings increase! 

Getting Started

How it Works


Data Privacy


Have additional questions regarding MilesMyWay? You can always reach out to your local agent. Or, please feel free to contact us at MilesMyWay@amfam.com or call at 1-800-MYAMFAM ext. 71225