A black female lawyer signing documents on a desk with a gavel and scales of justice. Renters liability insurance can help if the unexpected happens and you're found responsible for property damage or bodily injury.

What Is Renters Liability Insurance?

Updated March 4, 2020 . AmFam Team

When the unexpected happens and someone is hurt or their belongings are damaged by an event that happens in your apartment, you may be wondering how your renters insurance can help. We’ve got the breakdown on what renters liability insurance is, what it covers, how much it typically costs and how much coverage you need to protect what matters most, both in your rental unit and on the go.

What is renters liability insurance?

Renters liability insurance, or personal liability coverage, is a standard part of a renters policy that can help pay for things like property damage, bodily injury or medical bills if you’re found liable. For example, say your bathtub overflows and floods the unit below you — renters liability insurance can help pay to replace your neighbor’s things that were damaged, if you’re found responsible. It’s a helpful coverage that can protect your finances in the event you’re found at-fault for damages or an accident.

What does renters liability insurance cover?

Typically, renters liability insurance covers damages to other people’s property and other people’s injuries that you’re responsible for. It includes things like:

  • Dog bites — even at the dog park
  • Injuries from slipping and falling
  • Fire damage to other apartments

You might be wondering if your landlord’s insurance would cover a guest’s injuries or damage to other apartments caused by things like a fire or a leak. Your landlord’s insurance generally covers damage to the building itself and injuries that occur in common areas, like in the hallways or on the sidewalks — but it won’t cover injuries or accidents that occur in your unit.

How much does renters liability insurance cost?

Renters liability insurance is included with your standard renters insurance policy, but you can purchase higher coverage limits if you think you need more. If you choose a higher coverage limit, your renters insurance premium will go up, but it’ll be worth it to pay a few more dollars a month if the unexpected happens.

How much liability coverage do I need for renters insurance?

A typical renters insurance policy comes with $100,000 of renters liability coverage. But you may need more if you have more to protect. Depending on your income and other assets, you’ll want to consider more liability insurance to keep your finances safe should you be found at-fault for injuries or damages.

Need more liability coverage? Consider umbrella insurance to help cover legal fees and settlement costs if you’re found at-fault. Personal umbrella insurance is there to handle the expenses after your renters insurance liability coverage limit is met, with coverage limits starting at $1 million.

Renters Liability Insurance with American Family

If you’re interested in understanding more about your renters liability insurance or want to know if you need more coverage, connect with your American Family Insurance agent. They’re the expert on your policy and can help you select the right coverage to protect what matters most.

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