Man cleaning gutters to prepare for spring storms.

Spring Storm Preparation for Your Home

Updated April 4, 2021 . AmFam Team

Winter is gone and you’re ready for spring. But is your home ready for spring storms? We’ve got some spring weather safety tips to help you this season.

The tulips are flowering and the weather’s warming up. Those are sure signs that spring is beginning to bloom — which means spring weather is here, too. Spring can bring some strong storms your way. But, with a little storm preparation, you’ll be ready to protect your home against Mother Nature. Here are some spring weather safety tips to help you better understand how to prepare your home for spring storms.

If you ever have to make a sump pump and water backup claim, creating a home inventory will help get you back on your feet more quickly. Begin your home inventory by taking a video of your home and your most valuable possessions. Be sure to include model and serial numbers.

And don’t forget to tour the exterior of your home, capturing your outdoor furniture, unattached structures and other items on your property like swimming pools and trampolines.

Get the Coverage Your Home Needs

Mother Nature may be unpredictable, but you can still prepare for the unexpected. For example, if you live in an area prone to flooding, you may want to consider additional flood insurance coverage for extra protection. Talk to your American Family Insurance agent (Opens in a new tab) to review your homeowners insurance and help you get the storm protection you need — to keep you and your family safe all year long.

This information represents only a brief description of coverages, is not part of your policy, and is not a promise or guarantee of coverage. If there is any conflict between this information and your policy, the provisions of the policy will prevail. Insurance policy terms and conditions may apply. Exclusions may apply to policies, endorsements, or riders. Coverage may vary by state and may be subject to change. Some products are not available in every state. Please read your policy and contact your agent for assistance.

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